Country Corn on the Cob

Supplemental feeding increases your backyard’s powers of attraction for the simple reason that nature usually can’t match the concentrated supply of food that you can provide in your feeder. Squirrels and other small animals that will eat corn on the cob are a delightful addition to your backyard. Offering Nunn-Better Country Corn on the Cob on appropriate feeders or just on the ground can attract these fascinating creatures to your yard. Nunn-Better is committed to helping you enjoy wildlife by offering a quality product. Bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, squirrels are great fun to watch. They scamper around on the ground in search of food, suddenly rising on their hind feet when danger is present. Squirrels can quickly ascend to the top of a tree, leap from branch to branch or hang by their hind claws leaving their forepaws free to eat hanging upside down. Squirrels usually look for food on the ground but will climb large trees if needed. They chatter constantly and are great fun to watch. Squirrels fill their cheek pouches with food, continually making trips between food gathering sites and the nest.


Available in 14 pound bags.


Place in your back yard as needed to keep a supply of corn available for the wildlife you want to attract.


Corn on the cob.

Made in the USA