Wild Finch Blend

Supplemental feeding increases your backyard’s powers of attraction for the simple reason that nature usually can’t match the concentrated supply of food that you can provide in your feeder. Birds often remember  where they had a superb meal, and will return to the same spot for more. Nunn-Better offers a premium blend containing the finest ingredients in each of our wild bird foods. Each specific blend is carefully mixed to offer a combination that attracts birds and provides important nutrients. Birds bring beauty, music and life to your yard and Nunn-Better is committed to helping you appreciate nature by offering a quality product for your bird feeders. Finches bring a touch of nature to your backyard and are interesting creatures to watch. If you watch finches at your feeding station, you will soon notice that they feed in a very different manner than most other birds. Finches land on the feeder and continue to eat seed after seed rather than flying off with one seed. This method probably stems from their eating habits in the wild, where they land on a flower head and eat many seeds right at that spot. Watch them closely and you will notice that they can take off the outer hull of a seed while keeping it in their bill and do not depend on holding it in their feet and pecking at it. They are able to do this because the conical shape of their bill is specially adapted for seed eating.


Available in 3 pound and 18 pound bags.


Finches depend mainly on seeds the year round.  They are quite comfortable eating from hanging feeders that swing with the wind, unlike many nuisance birds that do not like this sort of motion.  Tube feeders with perches work especially well for finches.  Nunn-Better Wild Finch Blend contains a variety of seeds to provide a nutritious diet for these feathered friends.  Provide a fresh bird bath for your visiting birds.


Crude Protein, not less than 15.0%, Crude Fat, not less than 15.0%, Crude Fiber, not more than 12.0%, Moisture, not more than 12.0%.


White Millet, Canary Seed, Niger Seed, Red Millet, Rape Seed, Flax Seed.